2021 EPMA urban design studio 3

I am putting related materials like data, images, recommended readings and some of the open documents of our studio on my lab's website. This page is open to the Studio only at the moment. I would be always delighted to help during and after the Studio.


Ying, ylong@tsinghua.edu.cn

The profile of shared data

For better understanding our site and its surrounding area, we are sharing the data with a spatial extent of around 4.8km by 4.2km. The shared data include three types, very high resolution satellite images in different years from Google Earth, street view images from Baidu Map and urban big/open spatial data from my lab. If you have any question related to the data / studio, please feel free to contact with me via WeChat 龙瀛a1_b2 / Ying Long or Email ylong@tsinghua.edu.cn

Version 2 for the data descriptions
The detailed discription for the data v2
Adobe Acrobat Document 22.9 MB

Street view images

For better understanding the public space / streets of our site and its temporal evolution at the human scale, we have collected the newest street view pictures. We picked an observation point every 30m in the site / every 50m in the rest of the analysis area to guarantee the streets of the whole site can be fully covered. We selected four images for each observation point at various directions. The ID of each point is corresponding to the street view picture name directly.


We have put all street view images in Tsinghua Cloud.

Considering the large amount of images in the data area, we are putting the images within our design site here (around 500 points and 2000 images).  Note that the IDs on the map correspond to the street view image names.

Remote sensing images in different years

We have collected four very high resolution satellite images in different time points spanning from 2005 to 2020 (2005, 2010, 2015, and 2020) for the site and its surrounding area as shown below. I would recommend downloading the full satellite images via Tsinghua Cloud.

Big/open urban spatial data for our site

We are providing big/open urban spatial data for our site and its surrounding area. These data range from buildings, roads, urban form, residential communities, housing price, points of interest, to areas of interest, and social media records like Dianping and Weibo. These data are all spatially explicit (spatial data). 


We are providing three forms of presentations of the data for you. You can choose an appropriate one according to your capacity on data analysis and interest. 


First, we have mapped each data layer into images for your downloading and use in PS/PPT directly and the high resolution maps are available at Tsinghua Cloud

Second, we put most of spatial layers to an online data visualization platform GeoHey. You will be able to explore each layer (like zoom in/out and pan) and overlay them by yourself.



Third, we have shared the raw data here in the format of GIS (geographical information system). If you are familiar with any GIS software like the open software QGIS, you can analyze the data quantitatively by yourself. You can also re-map the layers and visualize the analysis results in the GIS environment. Please click the below Zip (or this link to Tsinghua Cloud) for downloading the raw GIS data for our site and its surrounding area.

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 13.4 MB

Urban plan

Data Augmented Design

My talk in the joint studio
Data Augmented Design and Its Applicatio
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I am putting a representative chapter of the book here for you information.
The whole book is downloadable at https://link.springer.com/978-3-030-49618-0
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The book profile
Long and Zhang 2020 Springer_DAD.pdf
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I am attaching the DWG and SketchUp files of our site here, provided by Prof HUANG He. 

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 17.6 MB

Design cases for smart public space

We have collected over three hundred cases for smart public space. The detailed information is available in the attached Excel document.


Smart public space designed for future c
Microsoft Excel Table 40.4 MB

Recommended readings

The WeSpace report collaborated with Tencent in English
Adobe Acrobat Document 17.7 MB
A theoretical paper by Dr Ye Zhang NUS
Sharing Space.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 379.4 KB
The paper by Prof He Huang on the coworking profile of Beijing
Spatial Perspectives on Coworking Spaces
Adobe Acrobat Document 2.1 MB
In English and Chinese
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.4 MB
Digital innovation for urban design in Chinese
张恩嘉和龙瀛 2020 规划师_数字创新.pdf
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Files of the Studio

2021 EPMA urban design studio 3.pdf
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