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Ying Long, Ph.D. is now working in the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, China. His research focuses urban science, including applied urban modeling, urban big data analytics & visualization, quantitative urban studies, planning support systems, data augmented design and future cities. He has an education background in both environmental engineering and city planning. Before joining Tsinghua University, he has worked for Beijing Institute of City Planning as a senior planner for eleven years. Familiar with planning practices in China and versed in international literature, Dr. Long’s academic studies creatively integrate international methods and experiences with local planning practices. He has published almost two hundred papers and led over twenty research/planning projects. His funded projects range from international organizations like World Bank, World Health Organization, World Resource Institute and NRDC, and Wellcome Trust, internet companies like Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, Tencent, Didi, Mobike and Gudong, local governments like Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Hefei, Zunyi, Rongcheng and Laizhou, to central governments like NDRC and MOHURD, and the NSFC. Dr. Long is also the founder of Beijing City Lab (BCL www.beijingcitylab.com), an open research network for quantitative urban studies. More information is available at http://www.beijingcitylab.com/longy


PostDoc, research assistants, full time doctoral and master students, guest students and summer/winter interns are always welcomed in the lab. Please email the CV to Dr Long for inquiring vacancies via Email (ylong@tsinghua.edu.cn).


龙瀛,清华大学建筑学院研究员,博士生导师,研究方向是城市科学(城乡规划技术科学),研究兴趣是城市空间量化研究及其规划设计响应。他是北京城市实验室(Beijing City Lab)创建人与执行主任,中国城市科学研究会城市大数据专业委员会副主任委员兼秘书长,中国城市规划学会城市规划新技术应用学术委员会副主任委员,世界银行城市专家,SCOPUS收录eSCI国际期刊IRSPSD执行主编,Environment and Planning B(SSCI)、《城市发展研究》、《国际城市规划》和《上海城市规划》期刊编委,中国收缩城市研究网络与数据增强设计研究网络的共同发起人,剑桥大学国家公派访问学者,多个大学和科研机构的客座教授/研究员。出版Springer英文专著《Geospatial Analysis to Support Urban Planning in Beijing》和《Shrinking Cities in China》以及住建部十三五教材《城市规划大数据理论与方法》(配有学堂在线MOOC),累计发表两百逾篇中英文学术论文,50篇学术论文被SCI/SSCI收录(其中36篇一区Q1、六篇ESI高被引和一篇热点论文),Google Scholar H-Index为26,受邀在多个国际国内刊物上作为客座主编组织专刊(如Landscape and Urban Planning)。获得并主持科技部、国家自然科学基金、世界银行、世界卫生组织、能源基金会、阿里巴巴公益基金会、惠康基金会、世界资源研究所、自然资源保护协会、国家发改委、住建部、北京市规划和自然资源委员会、滴滴出行、美团以及多家规划设计机构的研究项目资助,并与多家互联网公司有广泛合作(如阿里巴巴、美团、百度、京东、摩拜、抖音和咕咚等),获全国优秀工程勘察设计金奖、华夏建设科学技术奖(两次)、北京市科学技术奖(两次)、全国优秀城乡规划设计奖(五次)、金经昌中国城市规划优秀论文奖(三次)和首届最具影响力中国地理期刊优秀论文等。 他分别于2002年、2004年和2011年在清华大学获得学士(环境系)、硕士(环境系)和博士学位(建筑学院)。更多详见http://www.beijingcitylab.com/longy





Full CV

Dr Ying Long's full CV
As of December 2018
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The review for the teaching and research of Dr Ying Long's lab in 2018
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An introduction to Dr Ying Long's existing and ongoing research
As of December 2018
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Beijing City Lab and Its Research
As of November 2018
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All my publications are available here  万方百度云清华图书馆Google ScholarResearchGate

My books in Springer: Geospatial Analysis to Support Urban Planning in Beijing and Shrinking Cities in China

My Textbook in 中国建筑工业出版社 《城市大数据理论与应用》


To sum up, I like to understand the whole China city system (rather one single city) at a fine scale (human-scale) through emerging new data, quantitative methodology, applied urban modeling as well as cutting edge techniques like deep learning and wearable sensors. In addition to understand, we also like to do spatial intervention like urban planning and design based on these quantitative urban studies. Our projects range from multi-level models for urban spatial development of Beijing, urban expansion model for the whole China at the block level, bus landscapes using public transportation smartcard records, quality and its variation identification using large-scale street view pictures as well as a cluster of shrinking city related works. 


For details of our finished projects, please go to https://www.beijingcitylab.com/projects-1/. Sure, our ongoing and under review projects are not open yet. We may talk about them in person.

Visit me

How to visit me: 


My office is at Room 501, New Architecture Building, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Beijing. NOTE: I am in the dark GREY building, rather than the white one although you may need enter through it (RED PIN in the map)




Online Navigation: http://j.map.baidu.com/qlq88


Please kindly note that an accepted face-to-face meet is generally for half an hour only, which is my longtime tradition and I think is enough for an effective discussion for a topic.





Email: ylong@tsinghua.edu.cn


Mobile: +86 1366 1386 623