Urban Network Analysis

The Progress and Prospect of the Multi-scale Urban Space Network Research

Recently, there are a growing number of scholars studying cities from the perspective of networks. This research reviews exiting studies by dividing them into three categories to reveal the spatial scale effects on study methods and contents of urban spatial networks. From the perspective of the study method, researchers prefer the highly abstract spatial network and measuring the fundamental characteristics of the network for large-scale studies. In contrast, the fine spatial model is usually applied at fine-scale explorations to reveal some nodes’ roles in the whole network. As for the study focus, various types of flows and their dynamics are depicted to interpret some spatial phenomena at larger scales, and the interaction between flow and spatial network is the main theme in fine-scale 

studies. Moreover, this paper tries to show the opportunities of the future multiscale urban research by prospecting its possible analytic methods and contents, and to provide a new perspective and reference for urban studies.

侯静轩等 2021 国际城市规划_多尺度城市空间网络综述.pdf
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Knowledge Network of Chinese Urban Planning Studies

This study has been reported by The Paper 澎湃新闻市政厅


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Understanding Network of Chinese Cities using Ubiquitous POIs

许留记和龙瀛 2016 北京规划建设_中国城市网络分析.pdf
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