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City-related data, with a rapid growth in amount, is involving various aspects of everyone’s daily life. City researchers are devoting efforts to deepen our understanding of city based on unorthodox data. However, as most data are too precise and thus, sharing these data may offend the benefits of the original data holders. In such context, focusing on the extent of China, we initiated SinoGrids, a platform for the sharing of micro-scale data based on a 1km fishnet. Guidelines and Tools are provided for the micro-scale data holders to downscale their original datasets onto the 1km fishnet and upload to the platform of SinoGrids, forming a crowdfunding platform for basic data in China.

In terms of the scale, 1km2 is a scale both available for regional analysis between cities and internal studies of a certain city. Also, SinoGrids will share its data in the crowdsourcing way. The collected datasets, from either donations of scholars or open internet resources, (e.g. Weibo, taxi trajectory, road junctions, bus stops, photos) will be summarized to the fishnet and made public on SinoGrids data platform. In other words, the total amount of Weibo, Flickr photos and bus stops, etc. per 1km2 according to the fishnet will be displayed on the platform. The platform will also maintain the most and complete indexes and data guidelines for the convenient implementation of the public. On the one hand, data holders donate their micro-scale data through SinoGrids. On the other hand, they can realize regional analysis, urban studies, city planning consultation, and public participation under the guidelines of SinoGrids. SinoGrids will be a public and open platform for city-related data, with a hope to provide complete and transparent data support for quantized researches and regional analysis. 

数据浏览和下载 A profile for the latest dataset

Attributes of the data

D0: The 1km grids for joining with the DBF file of each attribute, ESRI File GDB (ArcGIS 10.1+), please email Dr Ying Long for downloading for the base layer of SinoGrids via 

D1: Flickr, # Flickr photos, as of March 2014, (please use the Flickr data in the Data Released Channel for calculating by yourself)

D2: Junctions, # road junctions, provided by Dr Ying Long, as of the end of 2011, DBF, Download

D3: Weibo, # spatial Sina weibo in the last week of September 2014 and the first week of October 2014, provided by Dr Dong Li, DBF, Download

D4: Weibo_photo, # photos in the spatial Weibos for the attribute 3 Weibo, provided by Dr Dong Li, DBF, Download 

D5: Jiepang, # Jiepang checkins, Sep 2011-Sep 2012, provided by Prof Yu Liu, DBF, Download


Please download the data D0 together with the DBF file



数据准备和上传(给潜在的数据提供者)How to prepare and upload datasets

请下载并阅读下面的具体指南(图文并茂),如果有任何问题,请联系Zhou Yulun(

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关于我们 About us

Initiated by发起人:Ying Long 龙瀛,北京市城市规划设计研究院

Volunteers 志愿者(谢谢你们!):

Zhou Yulun, Department of Geography and Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (GIS datasets and coding)

Chen Qingning, Assistant Planner, Architecture Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University (texts)

Cheng Hui, Beijing Institute of City Planning (online maps)

What is new!

We have published a BCL working paper related to SinoGrids and now this paper has been published in the journal CaGIS. Please cite our paper when you use our data for publication. 

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