Monitoring Urbanizing China with New Data

The traditional index system of habitat environment monitoring and its calculation methods are insufficient in terms of updating speed and accuracy, which are difficult to meet the growing demand for refined management. The emergence of new data and new methods has brought opportunities for the updating of habitat environment monitoring index system. This project firstly presents an objective analysis of the supportiveness of China habitat environment monitoring based on a new data environment, followed by proposing a method for constructing the indicator system for monitoring built environment under the new data environment. 


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The paper based on the project
龙瀛等 2018 城市发展研究_人居环境质量监测.pdf
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Key Techniques in Urban Physical Examination Evaluation for Beijing Xicheng District

As a basic step of improving urban management, urban environmental monitoring and physical examination is one of the essential fields of urban research. This study chooses Xicheng District as the study area, considering the general requirements of physical examination in Beijing and the demands of future refined urban planning in Xicheng District, to explore an effective urban physical examination system and related key techniques. Finally, an evaluation system including 58 indicators combining multi-source data and six key technologies has been put forward and applied into practice. As a result, the index system can evaluate the urban condition quantitatively after multi-dimensional calculation from the perspective of time and space, then reflect the symptoms of urban disease and raise diagnostic strategies, which also contribute to verify the validity and science of Xicheng index system. Constructing a specific index system, to monitor the developmental trend of human settlement environment scientifically and deeply understand the law of urban development and support future decision-making is the effective measure to solve urban problems.

龙瀛等 2019 北京规划建设_西城城市体检.pdf
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Four debates of urbanizing China
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