3-D Urban Form of Chinese Cities

Street block scale urban form is the key of urban planning and design, which plays an important role in urban functions and activities. At present, the study of urban morphology only focuses on the two-dimensional shape of street blocks. Based on the 3.357 million large-scale three-dimensional building data of 63 medium and large cities in China, this study extends the theoretical method of urban morphological and typology from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, and proposes a three-dimensional index system of urban street block morphology, and categories the street blocks in case cities on this basis. According to the proportion of nine types of street block form in cities, 63 cases of cities were clustered into five types, and the distribution of three-dimensional urban types in China was discussed. With the street block scale three-dimensional attributes of each city, we can understand the spatial general principles and differences of Chinese urban system, as well as the impact of urban spatial form on urban functions and activities, which has important theoretical value.


We are sharing the block-level raw data of this study in the Data Released channel of the website (see Data 41). 

Our paper published in Chinese with Chinese abstract
龙瀛等 2019 上海城市规划_三维城市形态.pdf
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