Understanding Neighborhood from sky, street and citizens

Housing Choice Behavior in Urban Residential Space Based on Mobile Phone Data and Multi¯source Data: Taking Communities within Fifth Ring Road of Beijing as an Example

Predicting the Chinese population′s preferences of housing by studying their patterns and trends is an important aspect of national spatial planning and people¯oriented urban development. Howeverꎬ previous studies on housing location choices mostly relied on traditional statistics and survey dataꎬ which were lacking in both scale and depth. By utilizing multisource data from communities within the Beijing Fifth Ring Roadꎬ such as mobile phone signal dataꎬ it is possible to extract the indicators of physical characteristicsꎬ surrounding amenities and social contexts. The studied communities are then categorized in terms of their physical environment / living service factors and their residential population attributesꎬ and the relationship between the two is then analyzedꎬ to reveal the demographic profile of different kinds of community and also the decisive factors for residents to choose which community to live in.

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