A solution for monitoring, diagnosing and improving public space

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In the current stage of urbanization transformation and connotative development, the refined governance of urban public space has gradually become an important issue. While urban public space is being reshaped by a series of disruptive technologies, it also faces challenges in terms of quantity and quality distribution as well as effectiveness of governance and response, and new technologies also provide good opportunities for the refined governance of urban public space. Based on the current problems faced by urban public space and the development and application trends of related technologies, this paper summarizes the progress of researches and practices of urban public space driven by technologies in terms of sensing and monitoring, analysis, diagnosis and management and improvement of quality and efficiency, and proposes the concept and framework of "SpaceGo", trying to explore the large-scale, full-coverage, refined and low-cost intelligent solutions for the urban public space, and to improve the refined governance of urban public space from a technology-driven perspective, with an aim of providing a reference for the efficient and interconnected participation of multiple social forces in the governance of urban public space in the future.

The paper published in Chinese
李伟健和龙瀛 2022 未来城市设计与运营_空间智能体.pdf
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Introducing SpaceGo at Tsinghua Day at Kanazawa (Cooperation between Tsinghua University and Kanazawa University, Japan on Dec 20, 2021)