DAD Applications

Shanghai Urban Design Challenge 2017

To put more details of this design in the close future. We received an award again this year!

Shanghai Urban Design Challenge 2016

We have participated the Shanghai Urban Design Challenge in 2016 and received the second position. All information about our DAD work is available online at:

曹哲静等 2017 城市设计_上海衡复.pdf
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曹哲静和龙瀛 2017 城市规划学刊_数据自适应设计.pdf
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DAD for Tongzhou Sub-Center of Beijing

甘欣悅和龙瀛 2018 国际城市规划_量化案例借鉴.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 3.2 MB
周垠和龙瀛 2016 上海城市规划_北京副中心.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 6.0 MB
龙瀛和曹哲静 2018 国际城市规划_城市设计方法.pdf
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Yilong Future City Challenge

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DAD for Xiong'an 雄安副中心

We have participated the urban planning and design in Xiong'an, the country's new center. 我们参加了雄安标准工作营。To put here in the future.